The Noble Touch believes that “Suffering is an Option. Health is a Choice”. Read and watch below what the community is saying about The Noble Touch! “

A few months ago, I slipped and fell on an entire flight of marble steps. Unfortunately, I didn’t miss one. For weeks, I was writhing in pain and could barely walk up right as marble is unforgiving. One Monday night, I had no other choice except to attend Noble Touch, because at that point, my every move caused agony. I have, ALWAYS been a stern believer in pranic healing due to my involvement in and including MAAFA. Needless to say, Alberta (I am convinced) connected with me physically and meta physically to the point that I have NOT been in pain SINCE THAT DAY! If you have not experienced it – – I firmly suggest you do. Or you can remain to suffer in pain needlessly.

~ Micki Marshell Brown

I wish to thank you and the healers for working with my mother in law. I attribute both the extension of her days as well as the high quality of life she maintained until the end. The family had a golden opportunity to spend precious quality time with her and she with us :-). God’s blessings be upon you.

~ Minister Cortez Stallings

The community night of stress relief & healing was the first for me. It was also the first for me in terms of experiencing healing touch. I did not know what to expect but I knew a cleansing needed to take place. I am a very recent & young widow and while for the most part I am in a good place and handling my grief well, I knew there were some feelings and emotions that needed clearing out of me. And when I say the experience was AWESOME it was so awesome. It was what I needed. I felt all that unnecessary energy just being pulled from me. My healer, Kim, was so in tune to me and my needs. She was so in tuned with me that I became connected to her. I felt her wanting me to be healed. When the session was over I was at peace. If you have not experienced this you need to. It is just wonderful.

~ Stacie Hooks

I have been a faithful participant in The Noble Touch tele-seminars since its onset almost two years ago and it has had such a powerful impact on my life. I was brought up in a Baptist household and always attended church and even though I have always been able to recite and relate to verses from the bible now I can honestly say I am learning to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Through working with you, I am learning to live my life the way God wants me to, with love, forgiveness, fearlessness and freedom to believe all things are possible. Thanks to your teachings and live workshops I have been able to release my past so I can embrace my future. I have learned to hold on to the lessons and let go of the negatives. Thank you for helping us learn to let our light shine and be an inspiration to others.

~ Denise Garrett-Dowers